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Our skills and experience serve as a significant force multiplier in executing cyber missions world-wide. We have an extensive footprint supporting the IC and cyber communities and leverage team depth to provide integrated and synchronized support. We support missions with highly agile teams, flexible reach back, and comprehensive cyber solutions. Our innovative Mission Management Module (M3) and Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) architecture integrates mission analysis, deployment, and redeployment preparation, and aids with reach back support for operational commanders in the information age. We bring a reputation for efficiency, reporting accuracy, fusing near-real-time data from disparate sources, and codifying repeatable processes. We are committed to integrating the latest tools, technologies, and processes to enhance the effectiveness of Cyber Mission Commander’s across the globe.

Intelligence & Training

GSSC provides tailored training focused on fused intelligence products to create dynamic intelligence summaries (INTSUM) incorporating all Army single source intelligence disciplines to include Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT), Signal-Intelligence (SIGINT), Human-Intelligence (HUMINT), and Cyber Information. GSSC ensures proficiency of the Army All-Source critical tasks by integrating trending and new initiatives into the Doctrine and Tactics Training (DTT), Training Support Packages (TSP) that support All-Source summary, highlights, and supplemental deliverables.

GSSC serves as certified Instructors/Trainers to provide All-Source related sustainment training and course development to the Army Intelligence Warfighter functions Active, Reserve, and National Guard components. GSSC provides forensic expertise against ground-forces’ intelligence problems and combat operations utilizing knowledge of the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB), Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Environment (JIPOE, IPOE) and Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) to prepare Army Intelligence Analysts to conduct critical analysis and forensics on All-Source tasks for tactical deployments, command exercises and strategic operations.

GSSC provides technical guidance and analytical development skill support in a variety of areas related to All-Source analysis and production, incorporating theater capability systems (TGS, OGS, GWS) and inherent software programs/builds on the DCGS-A Multi-Function Workstation (MFWS). The training is delivered and managed by the GSSC team in order to support residential tailored training for National and Tactical intelligence capabilities of every Army Division and Brigade intelligence and information operation elements. Training includes basic, intermediate, and advanced mentorship on weapon systems, network infrastructure, document exploitation (DOMEX), media exploitation (MEDEX), and several automated intelligence systems. analyst databases for dynamic search and research including, HOT-R, ArcGIS, DCGS-A, Palantir, MIDB, TRAP/TRIP, CHATS, TIDE, M3, Pathfinder, Query Tree, Analyst Notebook, CIDNE, TIGR, WebTas, Google Earth, GVS, Harmony, SPIRIT, TAC.

GSSC supports Mobile Training Team (MTT) engagements by providing certified instructors (NGA and INSCOM Foundry) to train deploying units on All-Source Courses abroad and providing Live Environment Training (LET) mentorship for Command Training Center (CTC) rotations such as NTC, JRTC, JMRC, and Panther Strike Exercises. GSSC instructors provide gap training on identified deficiencies regarding All-Source tasks, systems, equipment, and foster self-sustaining guidance to ensure units can operate independently and provide time dominant intelligence products.

Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I)

GSSC’s core SE&I expertise is the design and implementation of technology solutions that solve clients’ business and mission challenges. We provide high-end capabilities to Combat Systems, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) functions, operations, logistics, and business systems.  Through our vast experience in bringing together and optimizing systems and applications, GSSC has developed specialized expertise in the following practice areas:

  • Engineering: systems / network architectural concept, design, prototype development, security implementation, system configuration, and testing.
  • Integration: incorporating environmentally hardened tactical systems using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products into a variety of shipboard cabinets, transit cases, kits, or any other client specified requirements.
  • Installation: Pre-operational checks, removal/integration of systems/equipment, data migration, system configuration, and System Operational and Verification Test (SOVT).
  • Documentation: Design reports, pre-production test plans and reports, configuration procedures, 3-D (SolidWorks) model drawings, environmental test procedures and reports, technical manuals, and field change instructions.

Emerging Operational Technology

Responsible for leadership, mentoring, coaching, and development of personnel in support of contract requirements. Improvement of processes and accountability for programs Life Cycle, planning for new systems, and system improvements to facilitate transition to appropriate programs of record. Improve planning and assessment of demonstrations to encompass technical and proof of concept demonstrations, as well as support to demonstrations and deployed forces.

Monitor and assess the development of analytic and visualization tools. Improve processes for vetting and subsequent exploitation of approved tool sets. Conduct independent comprehensive and objective analyses to determine and or verify the potential operational benefits from proposed technologies and systems as applied to the assigned mission. Documentation of assessments and maintenance of the lessons learned. Key areas of support include configuration management, systems integration, application/tool development, tool evaluation, information assurance/security support, documentation management, and SIL Analytical support.

Our team has a proven track record of providing the following services in both emerging technologies and operational environments: Engineering Services & Support, Technical Support, Configuration & Data Management, Architectural Support, Test & Evaluation, Security Engineering & Certification, Integrated Master Plans & Schedules, Modeling & Simulation, Capability-Based Planning, and Technical Reviews.